Use Your Social Influence for Social Good! May 2 is Team No Kid Hungry Recruitment Day!

By Cathy McPhillips
Social Media ManagerApril 25, 2013

Join in next Thursday, May 2, during our one-day social media blitz to encourage the public to join Team No Kid Hungry and help us end childhood hunger in the U.S.! The day’s goal is to recruit 5,000 new members to Team No Kid Hungry, and we need your help.

Our Team No Kid Hungry Social Council, a network of 15 dedicated No Kid Hungry supporters and social activists, are working to recruit No Kid Hungry supporters, including high profile members of the culinary and entertainment industries for theRecruitment Day. These supporters will use their influence on social media to recruit advocates to join the fight against child hunger by taking the No Kid Hungry Pledge.

As an added incentive, the filmmakers who brought you the hunger documentary A Place At The Table will be donating $1 for every new Team No Kid Hungry member that joins on May 2, up to $5,000.

What is the No Kid Hungry Pledge and why 5,000 names? In order to truly end childhood hunger, we need an army of individuals ready to take action on behalf of the often invisible and voiceless kids in our country who face hunger each year. This year our members are working on a crowdsourced Breakfast Map, using the new No Kid Hungry Action Center to fulfill actions in local communities, and becoming members of the Hunger Core, the monthly giving program. To date, over 330,000 individuals have taken the Pledge.

How can you help? Here are some ways you can really help us make a difference on Team No Kid Hungry Recruitment Day:

  • Visit and take the pledge if you haven’t already.
  • Forward to 16 friends – online and offline. There are 16 million children who are food insecure. Your act of sharing will represent those hungry children.
  • Join No Kid Hungry online:
  • Download the Team No Kid Hungry app to use on 5/2 (and every day) to earn badges showing your support of No Kid Hungry!

Thank you for helping us make this day a success!



Will You Be A Voice for the 16.1 Million Voiceless?

This week, during Dine Out For No Kid Hungry, we have an opportunity to truly be the change – an opportunity to use our collective “Klout,” “Kred,” Reach, and Influence to give a voice to the 16.1 million children in America who are hungry.

In 2011, the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry raised over 2.4 million dollars with the online assistance of over 2,000 members of Team No Kid Hungry.  We sent out over 10,000 Tweets encouraging friends, family, and complete strangers to dine out at one of the 5,000 participating restaurants. This year with over 8,000 participating restaurants – we’re going to need more than 10,000 tweets and 93 million impressions – in fact, we’re going to need double that!

It’s a big goal, and not only are we going to do it – we’re going to have some fun along the way.

Just in time for the Dine Out, we’re rolling out the official Team No Kid Hungry iPhone App (can only download from your iPhone)! If you’re not reading this from an iPhone, here is the web version This app will not only help us reach our goal and continue to grow the movement, it will keep us connected throughout the year and keep us united on focused actions to end childhood hunger.

The app will be the perfect place to join our annual “TwEAT Out” for the Dine Out For No Kid Hungry on Monday, September 17th, to earn points, badges, and even rewards for completing “missions” the week of the Dine Out (Sunday, September 16th – Saturday, September 23rd), and stay connected year-round to stay on top of the leaderboard as one of our top Hunger Heroes.

Not an iPhone user?  Don’t worry, you can still join in the fun by visiting from any mobile device with an internet connection.

We can’t wait to see all of you become Hunger Heroes! Download the app now! App must be downloaded directly from your mobile device.



Great American Bake Sale Tweet-a-thon for #NoKidHungry

Hi Team!

We have another opportunity to use our online influence for good. February 29th we’ll be doing an all day Tweet-a-thon for No Kid Hungry.  This time it’s to help drive people to sign up for the Great American Bake Sale‘s National Challenge Weekend, April 20-22 where people across the nation will be hosting Bake Sales to raise money to help end childhood hunger in America.

Here is how you can help:

1) Post the communication below on your blog next week and invite your online communities to Tweet with us on February 29th.

2) Join us from 9 am – 9 pm ET February 29th on Twitter at hashtag #nokidhungry to help spread the word online about the Great American Bake Sale Challenge Weekend.

Tweet-a-thon Communication:

Help Us Promote Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale February 29

What are you doing with your extra day this year? Here are your best leap day options:

  • Sign up to host your own Great American Bake Sale. We recommend picking National Challenge Weekend, April 20-22, as the date for your bake sale.
  • Tweet! Join in the fun and help spread the word about Great American Bake Sale on Twitter and Facebook. When: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 • 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST

How to Participate:

On Twitter:

Follow @GreatAmBakeSale and @NoKidHungry.

Retweet messages about Great American Bake Sale from these two accounts.

Reach out personally to your followers asking them to sign up to do a Bake Sale on Challenge Weekend

Follow and use the hashtags #BakeSale and #NoKidHungry in all your tweets.

Share this tweet:
It’s leap year! Do something good with your extra day, signup to host a Great American #BakeSale: #NoKidHungry

On Facebook:

“Like” Great American Bake Sale

RSVP “YES!” to Great American Bake Sale’s National Challenge Event on Facebook

Share news about Great American Bake Sale with your Facebook friends:
I have used my leap day to commit to hosting a Great American Bake Sale to make No Kid Hungry a reality. Join my bake sale and together we can make a huge difference!

Other Sample Messages:

Feel free to share more messages on Twitter and Facebook. Use these verbatim or customize them yourself:

Make leap day count! Pre-heat those ovens and signup for the 2012 Great American #BakeSale today! #NoKidHungry
Get your spatulas ready, Great American #BakeSale is here! Do something worthwhile this leap day. Signup, #NoKidHungry
What are you doing today? Leap day is the start of the Greatest American #BakeSale season. Signup today: #NoKidHungry
Leap day=free day! Use today to gather your recipes and signup for Great American #BakeSale! #NoKidHungry

Let’s go #BeTheChange

Oh and someone’s going to have to teach me how to BAKE!




You’re Awesome, So I’m in a Pink Dress. #BeTheChange

I’ve been meaning to do a follow up post to our Serve Hope Tweet-a-thon. It’s way late but worth the wait.

Thank you.

On November 10th we did a “Tweet-a-thon” for Serve Hope raising money for Share Our Strength who aims to end childhood hunger in America and The Global Hope Network who is transforming some of the poorest villages around the world. You can read more about that in this post “Serve Hope Tweet-a-thon Today. Amanda for the 1st Time Since Grade School in a PINK DRESS?”

Our Be The Change Influencers Team, our communities on Twitter and all of the amazing people who donated prizes and money absolutely blew me away with your support. That day we exceeded our goal raising over $6,000 to apply to making meaningful change with important causes.

Holding up my end of the bargain. Here is the video of me in the PINK DRESS.

(I tried to make sure I thanked everyone who participated so please let me know if I’ve left anyone out)

Amazing work gang.





#giveMonday: Give.Mobi’s Monthly Mobile Day of Giving.

First I’d like to thank for creating a mobile donation site for Share Our Strength so that advocates for the cause can give directly from their mobile phones to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign to end childhood hunger in America.

Now I’d like to tell you about something cool they have started to do every month that I think could turn into a really powerful thing. And I’m inviting you to try it out with me and let’s see what kind of difference we can make!

Here’s the scoop… (most of this copy is taken directly from here on their site)

GIVE.MOBI is reaching out to Twitter influencers around the globe to join in promoting a monumental day of giving on the 1st Monday of each month.. The initiative is called #giveMonday and the goal is to encourage routine personal philanthropy from the ever expanding Twitter community.

The #giveMonday initiative makes “exclusive” use of Twitter to engage a massive worldwide base of mobile Smartphone (and PC) donors in a philanthropic, social fueled, giving phenomenon, on the 1st Monday of each month.

Here’s how it works…

Each month, on each 1st Monday, through a growing network of dedicated Twitter “influencers” like yourself, they’ll conduct a Tweet-a-Thon throughout the entire day with a single Call to Action “To ask our communities to give what they can to the cause or nonprofit of their choice” We’ll include the request, the link to the donation site which is “” and the hashtag #giveMonday in our tweets.

Participants will simply click on the link, select the cause or nonprofit of choice and GIVE. Donors can give in any amount using PayPal or Pledge to give later from a PC. It takes less than 30-seconds, once a month!

100% of donations go directly from YOU to the CAUSE of your choice*
Each participating donor will be encouraged to help spread the word about giveMonday by sharing their giving experience via Twitter. The objective is to use our influencial Social Media Super Powers and come together as a Twitter community to initiate and fuel an epidemic of giving.

The next #giveMonday will be 9/5, yes Labor Day ; )

If you are interested please just Tweet “count me in #giveMonday“. And Tweet or re-post this blog onto yours! I’ll be giving to #NoKidHungry that day!

Together , through the use of social media, we can do great good..

Also please follow on Twitter @givedotmobi


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